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Phoenix Psychology

Useful Links



A website for young people all over New Zealand, as well as their families and schools, with tips on how to deal with stress.


The Low Down

Helping young Kiwis understand and deal with depression.


Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is proud of its work in the areas of research, advocacy, resource development and mental health promotion. This page provides quality information and resources on mental health and wellbeing.


Mood Gym

MoodGYM is a free interactive program consisting of a number of modules deigned to explore issues related to depression.


Centre for Clinical Interventions

A resource for practitioners and client’s with advice and self-help toolkits on a variety of emotional difficulties including anxiety, depression, self-esteem, bi-polar, eating disorders etc.


NZ Psychological Society

Website for the New Zealand Psychological Society - the professional association for psychologists in New Zealand.


NZ Pain Society

The New Zealand Pain Society (NZPS) was formed in 1984 as the New Zealand Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain. Its aim is to foster research into pain mechanism and pain syndromes, and improve the management of patients with acute and chronic pain



noun /ˈfēniks/

- (in classical mythology) A unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle

- A person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect


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